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The Royal Pavilion is really a former Royal Residence in the centre from the capital of scotland- Brighton & Hove. It is integrated Indo-Saracenic Style, a mode that was popular in India for that majority of the 19th Century.

Building Outline
Location: Brighton, England
Date Built: Work began in 1787
Building Style: Indo-Saracenic

In the 1780's Brighton had begun growing from its roots as a Fishing Town catering to get a more upper class visitor to utilize a seaside retreat because of its proximity to London. One of these visitors was the Prince of Wales, George. Who purchased a small beach hut. The prince had been advised by his physicians to see Brighton to profit from the climate of Brighton, in addition to experiment with the sea water remedies that ended up suggested by Dr Richard Russell who lived in nearby Lewes.

Brighton was George's ideal city. It had everything he loved; fashion, arts, architecture and good living. It was the love from the high life that enabled him to accrue massive debts. In 1787 Pariliament agreed to wipe out the bank notes of George and increase his income. This is where the real story of the Pavilion begins.

George hired the well respected Architect Henry Holland to help you shaped his small beach hut into a palace fit for any king. The first version in the Pavillion that we believe today would be a villa which went by the name of The Marine Pavilion. George go about decorating the villa to his very own unique style; importing many goods from China including furniture and also hand painted wallpaper. In 1808 a comfortable was added which contained housing for 62 Horses.

In 1811 due to the declining health of his father George III, the prince was sworn can be as prince regent, effectively making them King of the country. Over time the prince realised that this villa was too modest in proportions for your extravagant parties he desired to throw, so he hired John Nash to start developing the tiny villa in the large palace that we believe today. This was done by John Nash building a certain frame across the original building, which provides the dwelling the look that it now has.

George became King in 1820. However due to these extra responsibilities in conjunction with ill health after the completion from the interior in 1823 he was only capable of making 2 more visits before his death.

King William IV was the successor to George upon his death and continued to go to the Royal Pavilion. However as a result of being a married The Florence Residences man it didn't contain the space for him and his awesome fast growing family. He therefore florence residences were required to build 4 additional buildings for the Pavilion, most of which have recently been demolished.

Upon Williams death the subsequent in line was Queen Victoria. Who first visited the Pavilion in 1837. However the style and size with the palace has not been to her tastes. She last visited the palace in 1845. After this Brighton Commissioners and also the Brighton Vestry campaigned to the government to trade the palace to capital of scotland - Brighton. Its sale was agreed under Brighton Improvement (Purchase with the Royal Pavilion and Grounds) Act 1850 for A�53,000. As the Queen assumed that your building will be demolished she stripped it of most its interiors with these for other royal residences. She however The Florence Residences Condo did return many of the items in 1864 & 1899 although still high of what exactly is on display is really a replica.

During World War I the palace was utilized as being a hospital for injured Indian Soildiers.

In 1920 restoration work was completed; which helped reverse some of the damage brought on by used being a hospital. Queen Mary also returned a lot from the decorations which have been stored at Buckingham Palace. This work has florence residences continued since that time.

The Building Today
The Pavilion today appeals to over 400,000 visitors annually, which makes it typically the most popular tourist attraction in Brighton.

Visiting the Building
Note: This information is only accurate up for the last edit time of this The Florence Residences Singapore short article. For approximately date price lists you ought to check out the Royal Pavilion Website.

Adult: A�9.80
Child (5-15): A�5.60
2 Adults & 2 Children: A�25.20
1 Adult & 2 Children: A�15.40
Seniors (60+): A�7.80
Students: A�7.80
Unemployed: A�7.80

Groups of 15 or even more are susceptible to special rates. Please consult the web site above of those. Brighton Residents can go into the Royal Pavilion for A�4.75 with around 4 free children!

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